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At Cortes Custom Flooring we offer 3 lines of cabinetry: We carry Lasting Impressions, JSI and Avance cabinets. We provide 10 different styles of cabinets as well as 20 colors to chose from. 

All our cabinets are made of plywood and solid wood. These cabinets are guaranteed to make a good first impression on anybody looking to update their home. 


Featured in the Jarvis 220 Bed and Breakfast is our JSI line of cabinetry. We provided our customer with JSI Dover Castle surrounding cabinets and JSI Upton Brown island cabinets. This beautiful kitchen is functional for a busy business.

This customer decided to go with our Avance Cotton cabinetry due to the customization of the cabinetry. They added a custom peg system in their drawers for better organization, as well as plenty of drawers for storage. Our customer wanted the view from their window to be the focal point of their home and they definitely achieved that.

Bill and Katie Hardwood.jpg

Featured in our showroom is our Brown Shaker Cabinets from Lasting Impressions. They are a representation that simple is beautiful. These cabinets come specifically in a Shaker Style with 6 colors to chose from and are a customer and employee favorite!

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